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407.45 Craig Breedlove World Land Speed Record

407.45 Craig Breedlove's Spirit Of America World Land Speed Record
Bonnevile Salt Flats, Utah, U.S.A.

The recorded story and sounds of a successful attempt at the land speed record

Audio CD
Number Of Discs: 1
Packaging: Jewel Case with Booklet and Tray Card


The event that would shake the salt on the Flats in Bonneville, Utah, happened on a summer day in August of 1963. The inventive Craig Breedlove and his labor of love, "The Spirit of America" found the hard-to-find financial support from two major sponsors, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and the Shell Oil Company.

Any attempt of speed records on the salt flats carry with them the possibility of disaster. For one to travel just 10 miles west of the flats, you will find the town of Wendover, Utah. Just outside town is the work yard and storage area of the Highway Dept. Lining the fenced area is wreckage from previous attempts in another time. Trying to correct the direction of a very fast moving missile is quite a descriptive in which one loses the battle, every time.

This is not a demonstration of the sound of a jet powered vehicle. It is a well told story narrative by two acclaimed writer-journalists, and photographers all rolled into the bodies of Jack Brady and Don Francisco. That beautiful shot of the Spirit of America is by Jack.

In order to set a world record two runs in opposite directions must occur within 60 minutes of one-another. On the morning of August 5, 1963, Breedlove began the first run and was clocked at 388.47. The car was turned around and refueled. Within minutes of that, Craig began the return run... In a short period, the Chief Steward of the United States Auto Club announced quietly" "Gentlemen we have a new Land Speed Record" The speed for the return measured mile was 428.37. The average of the two runs: 407.45

if you're ever in the vicinity of the Salt Flats and have a desire to take your car for a fast spin, remember that your traction will be unbelievable Ahhhh but here's the hook, you'll have to go into Wendover to a service station and get the caked salt off the underside of your car. But remember, you can tell them... "Been there, done that."

Notes by Richard I. Blake
Founder and Director of Recording
Fleetwood Records
1962-1974 Fleetwood LLC

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